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We've all been there on a scorching summer day, climbing into our car, and eagerly cranking up the A/C for a blast of cool air. But what happens when that refreshing breeze turns into hot air or no air at all? You can take your vehicle to Nealey Auto Service to find out. We have 5 conveniently located auto repair facilities in Maryland, and our team is ready to restore your auto A/C system. We're here to provide top-notch A/C services to keep you cool whenever you need it.


Your car's air conditioning system is a complex network of components that work together to keep you cool. It includes the compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansion valve, and refrigerant. When you turn on the A/C, these parts collaborate to remove heat and humidity from the cabin air, leaving you with a comfortable driving experience.


Common A/C Services and Repairs

We work on all makes and models of automobiles and provide the following A/C services:

  • A/C Recharge

  • A/C Leak Detection

  • Compressor Replacement

  • A/C System Diagnostics

  • Cabin Air Filter Replacement

  • …and more!


At Nealey Tire & Auto, we are equipped with advanced technology to diagnose A/C problems and restore them accurately. We like to invest in the latest and greatest parts and equipment to ensure you get the first-class experience you deserve.


Our team can eliminate the stress that comes with A/C maintenance and repairs. By offering loaner cars, pick-up and drop-off service, after-hours pick-up and drop-off options, and a comfy waiting lounge, car care doesn’t feel like a chore.


At Nealey Tire & Auto, we always put our customers and their needs first. Our industry-leading 2-year/24,000-mile parts and labor nationwide warranty is a testament to what we stand for. After every service, our team will reach out to you to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with the job.


Don't suffer through the heat when your vehicle's A/C system can be restored to its full cooling potential by the expert team at Nealey Tire & Auto. For quality and dependable A/C repairs that you can trust, please call or visit one of our five shops located in Edgewater, Deale, Owings, Pasadena, or Rockville, MD, today.

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