Edgewater, Deale, Owings, Pasadena And Rockville Auto Repair

Edgewater, Deale, Owings, Pasadena and Rockville, MD Auto Services

Maryland State Inspections | Edgewater Auto Service

Maryland State Inspections

We are a Maryland Certified State Inspection facility. We can also perform any repairs required to pass a state inspection.

Maryland Certified Emissions | Edgewater Auto Service

Maryland Certified Emissions...

We employ Maryland Certified Emission Technicians and can perform any repairs related to getting you through your bi-annual emissions test.

Factory Scheduled Services | Edgewater Auto Service

Factory Scheduled Services

We can perform any and all factory-scheduled maintenance items without voiding your factory warranty!

Need A Tow? | Edgewater Auto Service

Need A Tow?

Catlett's Towing
Tell 'em to send it to Nealey Tire & Auto and they'll take care of the rest!

Tires and Alignments Services | Edgewater Auto Service

Tires and Alignments

Ready for new tires? We can procure, mount and balance tires as well as alignments all within one day! TPMS light on and adding air doesn't turn it off? We can take care of that too!

Major/Minor Repair Services

Major/Minor Repair

Whether your engine or transmission needs replacement, or it's time for that timing belt/water pump service, we can take care of any and all automotive repairs!

Advanced Drivability Diagnostics Services | Edgewater Auto Service

Advanced Drivability Diagnostics

Check engine light on? Any other weird amber-colored light illuminated in your dash? Vehicle hesitating and not running like it used to? Well, we can diagnose and repair any and all of these issues!

A/C Diagnosis and Repair Services | Edgewater Auto Service

A/C Diagnosis and Repair

Is your air conditioning not functioning as it should? We've invested in the proper tooling to remedy all of your HVAC needs!

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