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How Nealey Tire & Auto Can Help You

Edgewater Auto Service: How Nealey Tire & Auto Can Help You

For anyone in the Edgewater, Baltimore, or Annapolis area in need of automotive services, here is how Nealey Tire & Auto can help you.

When it comes to auto repairs in MD, Nealey Tire & Auto is one of the most trusted names around. With our experience, expertise, and all-around auto service know-how, you’ll know who to call next time you or a family member finds them self in any kind of auto trouble. Take a look at all the services we provide, so you’ll know exactly how we can help.


If you’re the new owner of the vehicle, or the vehicle is newly-registered in Maryland, we have you covered. As a Maryland Certified State Inspection facility, we provide any repair required to ensure your automobile is in shape to pass the Maryland state inspection.


Our team consists of Maryland Certified Emission Technicians that are properly trained and ready to perform any repair in order to get vehicle owners through their bi-annual emission test.


We can perform any factory-scheduled maintenance service without voiding your vehicle’s factory warranty.


Stuck in your broke-down vehicle on the side of the road? Have it towed to our Edgewater location any time--all you’ll need to do is request that your tow truck driver parks the vehicle in a customer or visitor parking space. Just make sure the vehicle is turned off, the windows are rolled up, and the doors are locked—then, fill out the requested information, place your keys inside a provided envelope, and then drop it into the slot on the front of the box. Expect to hear from one of our professionals the following business day.


If it’s time to replace the tires on your vehicle, or if they need a full repair, we can procure, mount, balance, and align your tires within one day. Even if your dashboard notifies that the air is low in your tires, but pumping more air won’t turn off the notification light, we can take care of that, too.


Whether it’s the engine or transmission that needs to be replaced, or even if it's time for that timing belt/water pump service that many drivers tend to avoid, we can handle whatever automotive repair that’s required—big or small.


Can’t get the “check engine” notification light to turn off? Maybe there are other lights on your dashboard that are grabbing your attention? Our professionals will gladly diagnose and repair the issue, and any other issue that persists—no matter the amount of work that has already been put into it.


Does your air conditioning seem to be functioning less effectively than it’s supposed to? If so, now is the time to get it diagnosed and repaired before the weather really heats up. The team at Nealey Tire & Auto have the proper tools and training to take care of any auto HVAC needs.

This spring, make sure that your vehicle is up and running properly. As auto professionals, we believe that the health, and every part of the vehicle is accounted for. With service auto repair specialists close-by, vehicle owners of Edgewater, Baltimore, and Annapolis have nothing to worry about when it comes to the health of their automobile. When it comes to any auto emergency, or just a quick diagnosis or repair, the team at Nealey Tire & Auto is here to take on any job, big or small. To contact us or schedule a repair, click here.

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