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Staying Cool This Summer With Nealey Tire & Auto

It’s a beautiful Summer day outside. You’re early for your appointment, looking your best, and full of enthusiasm as you jump in the car. You start the engine and pull out the driveway, turning on the air conditioning. Hmmm… it doesn’t feel that cool. In fact, it feels like hot air. It probably just needs a minute. Ten minutes later, you turn off the fan to stop it from blowing hot air on you. By the time you get to your appointment, your hair is plastered to your head, and you are absolutely steamed… in more ways than one.

Nealey Tire & Auto to the Rescue!
It’s days like this you’ll be glad that you know about Nealey Tire & Auto. You get real peace of mind knowing that ALL their technicians are ASE certified, and ready to help you keep your cool! 

They’ve made the investment in the training and technology needed to service newer cars with the latest R-1234yf refrigerant, the lowest environmental impacting refrigerant on the market today. The R-1234yf refrigerant is not slightly better than the previous standard R134A. It’s head and shoulders above when it comes to environmental impact and carbon footprint. But be forewarned, it is also drastically more expensive!

Staying Up-To-Date
It’s not just the investment in the technology that sets Nealey Tire & Auto apart from the rest. They maintain current certifications for all their team members. Everyone is Section 609 certified to work on mobile air conditioning systems. This is a requirement from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) for anyone who services mobile AC systems.

Keeping current certifications, and equipment, along with providing continuing education for technicians, you know you’re getting the best care possible. Technology in cars is always evolving, and so is the knowledge base at Nealey Tire & Auto.

When to Call for AC Service
It’s usually late Spring or early Summer when we turn on the automotive air conditioning for the first time. When you do, you might notice hot air or at least air that is not as cold as you remember it from last year. When this happens, call Nealey Tire & Auto and make an appointment to bring the car in.

There are several reasons why your air conditioning may not be running cold. Let us do an evaluation and put your car through some diagnostics that tell us where the issue is. Your vehicle’s air conditioning system has many components, and we’ll need to inspect each one carefully to determine the best way to repair it.

It might be something as simple as a loose hose or a clogged filter. We’ll go over everything… condensers, compressors, and controls, and more. After providing you with an estimate, we will make all necessary repairs at your direction. You’ll be back on the road and keeping your cool in no time!

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